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Zaxcom TRX LA3.6 Transmitter

Zaxcom TRX LA3.6 Transmitter

The TRXLA3 is a wide-band transmitter featuring the new Zaxcom High Density (ZHD) Modulation. ZHD Modulation allows up to 10 channels of wireless to be operated in only 1 MHz of spectrum space. Channel spacing will vary based on the receiver you pair it with.

The wireless signal is only 50 KHz wide and can be spaced as close as 100 KHz channel to channel allowing up to sixty channels of ZHD wireless in a single 6 MHz American television channel. The new modulation is ultra efficient resulting in incredible transmission range.

The ZHD transmitters are capable of running all existing mono Zaxcom modulations maintaining compatibility with all currently produced Zaxcom receivers. ZHD modulation conforms to all currently proposed FCC regulations for spectrally efficient wireless transmission.

A bit about spacing…
•The LA3 paired with any Zaxcom wireless receivers in Mono or XR Modes can be spaced as close as 400 KHz channel to channel
•The LA3 paired with any Zaxcom QRX235, QRX200 or QRX212 in ZHD mode can be spaced as close as 200 KHz channel to channel (300 KHz recommended)
•The LA3 paired with the upcoming QRX335, QRX300 or QRX312 in ZHD mode can be spaced as close as 100 KHz channel to channel

The TRXLA3.5 covers blocks 20 through 23 (512-614MHz) and the TRXLA3.6 covers blocks 23 through 26 (596 – 698 MHz). It’s lightweight and durable, housed in a high strength, impact resistant nylon polymer casing. The LA3 utilizes Zaxcom’s battery saving feature PowerRoll™. PowerRoll™ automatically adjusts the transmitter output power based on the record status as sent via ZaxNet boosting the output power level up to 100 mW while rolling and powering down to 50 mW while on standby.

The LA3 works with ZaxNet, Zaxcom’s 2.4-GHz RF network that distributes remote control commands, timecode and IFB audio. With ZaxNet, one can remotely control transmitter settings such as gain, frequency channel selection, transport controls and output power levels. When paired with an IFB100/200 and Deva or Fusion the units can also replay audio via a timecode reference giving production sound mixers the ability to replay and remix audio, creating a virtual multi-track playback and re-record system.

The LA3 also sends a Quality Control audio signal over ZaxNet so when micing someone you don’t have to go to the cart to hear how it sounds. Now you can use an ERX to listen to the mic right on the spot.

      • RF Modulation: Proprietary Digital Method
      • TRXLA3.5 RF Frequency Range: 512 - 614 MHz
      • TRXLA3.6 RF Frequency Range: 596 - 698 MHz
      • RF Frequency Step: 100 KHz
      • RF Bandwidth in ZHD Mode: 50 KHz
      • RF Bandwidth in XR Mode: 200 KHz
      • Channel Separation in ZHD Mode: as close as 100 KHz (receiver dependent)
      • Channel Separation in XR Mode: 400 KHz
      • Antenna Connector: 50 Ω SSMA Female
      • Emission Designator: 180 KV2E, 100 KV2E, 50 KV2E
      • FCC Part: 74.861
      • Dynamic Range: 126 dB (Stereo model 106 dB)
      • Distortion: 0.002%
      • Frequency Response: Mode 0: 20 Hz to 16 kHz / T & M Mode 0.2 Hz to 16 kHz
      • High Pass Filter: Off or 30 to 220 Hz, Steps: 10 (6 dB Per Octave)
      • Mic Power: 3.3 VDC
      • Mic Connector: 3-Pin Micro LEMO
      • Input Range: -60 to -30 dBu
      • Mic Impedance: 6.8 k Ω
      • ADC Bit-Depth: 24 Bits
      • ADC Sampling-Rate: 48 kHz
      • Clock Accuracy: 1.54 PPM (1 Frame Out in 6 Hours)
      • Timecode Type: SMPTE
      • Timecode Frame-Rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97NDF, 29.97DF, 30NDF, 30DF
      • Media: MicroSD Card (Flash Memory)
      • File Format: .ZAX
      • Recording Time:
      • RF Frequency Range: 2.403 to 2.475 GHz
      • RF Modulation: Digital Spread Spectrum
      • RF Frequency Step: 0.001 GHz (1 MHz)
      • RF Bandwidth: 1 MHz
      • Channel Separation: 2 MHz
      • Sensitivity: -96 dBm
      • Weight: 3.2 oz without Battery
      • Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.0″ x 2.4″ x .65″
      • Display: Graphic OLED
    • POWER
      • Power Output: 25 / 50 / 100 mW – Software Selectable
      • Battery Life: Up to 7 Hours with 2 Lithium AA at 100mW
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