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Ben became a cameraman in 2003, and gained his experience in a wide variety of Television Drama, PSC Documentaries and multi-camera global events. His global broadcast work includes 3 Winter Olympics, 2 Summer Olympics and the Royal Wedding.


Using specialist camera technology Ben has filmed natural history documentaries for both the BBC and Channel 4. He operated all of the remote cameras in the Channel 4 program ‘Hippo, Nature’s Wild Feast’ and ‘Elephant, Life After Death’. Ben spent months on location in Africa, the Bahamas, Siberia and many more, developing the knowledge and experience to make documentaries in difficult conditions and complex situations. He facilitated the first ever multi-camera fixed-rig documentary to travel out of the UK, managing the safe travel and rig of a large crew and over a tonne of equipment in Ethiopia.

Ben’s documentary portfolio is made up of a huge amount of award winning programmes; including 24 Hours in A & E, One Born Every Minute, Educating Yorkshire, Essex & The EastEnd. Through this work Ben has become a reliable and experienced camera technician, remote camera operator and unit manager, and now acts as unit manager and gallery director on many of The CCC’s projects.

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