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The Complete Camera Company now have a completely bespoke portable all in one gallery, perfect for fixed rig documentaries.



The all in one mobile gallery is ideal for documentaries being filmed in a variety of locations over a short period of time, shows being made in remote areas and fly on the wall television being shot in houses or small spaces. With two deployment options available, it allows the capability of scaling the size of OB1  from 5 - 8 depending on the size of location.  It saves the cost and hassle of building on site galleries or porta-cabin hire, reduces intrusive activity with contributors and travels with The Complete Camera Company crew with ease.

OB1 can comfortably seat up to eight people, including Hot Head Operators, Vision Supervisors, Sound Supervisors, Directors, Ingest Operators, Technical Assistants and Two more positions for production.  With its inbuilt Air Conditioning and Heating the trailer is perfect for any location no matter the time of year.

OB1 is now available for hire or for use on any of our upcoming documentaries!

ob1 layout.jpg
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