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Univivi 12v IR Light

Univivi 12v IR Light

  • AUTOMATICALLY ON and OFF. Built-in with photocell sensor, the ir illuminator automatically switch on at dusk and switch off at dawn, its energy saving style. Wave length 850nm Infrared light, the beam light is INVISIBLE to naked eyes but give a red glow.
  • 90 DEGREE WIDE ANGLE. Its real wide angle IR flood, no light spot, better light up your cameras viewing range, and provide you good night vision image, best match your wide angle security cameras.
  • PREMIMUM STRUCTURE & MATERIALS, WATERPOOF IP67. Use EPISTAR LED light source, heavy duty aluminum housing and thick heat sink, reinforced glass window, stainless steel screws, Its good for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • LED life time over 10,000 hrs.

    Specification :

    Infrared lamp: 15 LEDPower: 45W

    Protection: IP65

    Adapter power supply: 12/2A

    Shell material: Metal

    Panel material: Toughened Glass

    Screw material: Stainless Steel

    Switch mode: Photosensitive switch sensor off

    Night vision range: 50m

    Wavelength: 850nm

    Degree: 90°

    Weight: 829g

    Size: 178*135*130mm

    Cable length: 15cm

    Installation mode: Adjustable bracket

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