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Solid State Logic X8 Madi Router

Solid State Logic X8 Madi Router

MADI-X8 offers distribution (one source to many destinations), splitting (any combination of individual channels to any destination) and aggregation (a single 64 channel output consists of any combination of channels from various inputs).

MADI-X8 is therefore a unique low-cost solution to audio distribution and aggregation challenges in a wide range of applications including broadcast, film and game scoring, multi-room studios, and live sound.

The MADI-X8 was a 1U unit with six MADI fibre and two coax I/O.

It provides a 512x512 point matrix controlled via cross-platform Java-based SSL Remote app.

MADI-X8 can store up to 128 presets and functions without connection to the Remote app.

MADI-X8 can act as a master clock or clock distribution system via its many MADI and wordclock connections.

It has Intelligent Clock Sensing with Auto Failover, which can monitor both a Primary Master Clock and a Secondary Clock source and switch automatically should the Master Clock source fail. Up to four MADI-X8 units can be controlled by a single browser and multiple browsers can control a single MADI-X8 over a wired or wireless network.

  • Key Features

    • 8 MADI (6 multimode optical SC and 2 coax BNC)
    • 1 x wordclock input
    • 3 x wordclock output
    • Source Distribution, Source Splitting Source Aggregation, and Point to Point routing.
    • Preset-based recall of partial or full routing set ups
    • Ethernet controlled.
    • Network setup using multicast DNS and auto discovery
    • Logictivity™ Browser can access up to four MADI-X8 Units simultaneously
    • Multiple computers can access the MADI-X8 simultaneously
    • Clock auto failover (internal, wordclock, or MADI)
    • 512 x 512 ch @ 48kHz, 256 x 256 ch @ 96kHz, 128 x 128 ch @ 192kHz crosspoint matrix
    • Independent MADI operation (56/64 ch mode, legacy/frame pattern) per MADI link.
    • Preservation of ’Control over MADI Data’ (depending on the Data Protocol)
    • Support for Varispeed (+/-10% Varispeed on 56CH Ports only)
    • Ultra low roundtrip latency; 4 samples (44.1/48Khz), 8 samples (88.2/96Khz), 16 samples (176.4/192Khz)
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