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RME Madi Router

RME Madi Router

The RME MADI Router is a versatile multichannel router and convertor for the MADI format in a 1U rack mount unit.

RME’s MADI Router is used to control four different MADI streams, each stream coming with three alternatives I/O’s including optical, coaxial and twisted pair. These streams can be combined to the user’s preferred audio channels and converted, improving on the standard MADI bridge.

The 1U racked RME MADI Router is controlled at source via the full colour TFT screen which displays the current input and routing state. All channels can be organised into collections and copied to different outputs groups, offering fast and flexible options. User presets can be saved onto either the unit itself or to a USB flash drive for simple and quick set-ups.

  • Main Features of the RME MADI Router:

    • 12 bridged MADI streams, including
    • 4 composed MADI streams
    • On-screen routing in 8-channel groups
    • 12 MADI ports (4 x optical, 4 x coaxial, 4 x twisted pair)
    • Redundant power supplies
    • Word Clock I/O
    • RME redundancy mode support
    • USB connector for firmware updates and preset storage
    • 1U Rack unit
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