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RME Madi Face USB

RME Madi Face USB

The RME MADIface USB is a digital audio interface offering a total of 64 inputs and outputs with MADI connectivity.

The RME MADIface USB is a compact device offering a bridge between MADI and USB2, and includes RME's TotalMix software, an internal mixer for controlling the 64 inputs directly from your MAc or PC. The MADIface USB also supports MIDI over MADI technology while the optical and coaxial MADI outputs operate simultaneously.

  • The main features of the RME MADIface USB interface include:

    • 64 input channels / 64 output channels
    • 1 x MADI I/O (optical and coaxial)
    • TotalMix
    • No external power supply required
    • Stand-alone Mode (repeater / format converter)
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