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Wisycom - MFL Wideband Optical Link

Wisycom - MFL Wideband Optical Link

MFL system is a modular 1RU chassis containing up to 4 channels of optical RF over fiber links, each containing multiple carrier capacity. An optional optical multiplexer (Mux) enables bi-directional communication of all laser channels over one single-mode fiber.


An MFL system is perfect for turnkey RF applications that require remote zoning of diversity wireless microphone receive antennas, and simultaneous transmit of IFB or IEM signals. Intended to overcome the limitations of coax, and create optimum RF signal integrity over extreme long distances. Highly configurable (see MFL System Configurations).


Tunable RF Filters: The start of the signal chain offers multiple RF filtering options – both tunable and fixed – for complete control of the wireless microphone receive signal to obtain the desired RF receive signal window.


Variable gain RF amplifier and attenuators enable complete dynamic control of RF signal levels across all signal paths. Provides the optimum real-time agility necessary for any changing conditions.


RF Meter: Simple one touch RF Power meter to isolate and monitor RF power levels and real-time power levels of the individual optical links.



Dynamic range: Optimum dynamic range flexibility is the heart of precision RF over fiber implementation. To achieve this, the MFL offers two preset modes: Antenna mode for optimum receive levels, and IFB mode for optimum transmit levels of IFB (or IEM) to remote zones.


Optical AGC: Robust OPTICAL Automatic Gain Control (AGC) automatically compensates for changing conditions such as multiple fiber patch points on site that can attribute to possible undesirable signal losses.


High Dynamic Range Optical Lasers: Each laser transmitter is designed for optimal signal with the highest dynamic range for this application; combined with dual optical isolators create the cleanest possible optical links.


Customize system options: Many options from Tx and Rx laser module configurations, DC power input, optical multiplexer (Combine Tx, Rx and ethernet control over a single strand of fiber). Simple integration with Wisycom’s complete offering of RF Distribution products both transmit and receive.


Seamless integration with Wisycom MTK952 Master/ Slave for transmit distribution applications allowing plug and play of multiple zones of IFB or IEM coverage.


Remote Ethernet Control: Remotely monitor and control each zone from a single position. Optical levels, temperature, signal levels, filters, amplifiers all from the Wisycom manager software.


Redundant Backup: For added security, the MFL was designed to accommodate complete equipment duplication for redundant failsafe backup system.


  • MFL System Configurations The MFL system is composed of 2 MFL BASE units, each with a combination of up to 4 Tx and Rx plug-in modules (factory installed).

    With installed Tx and Rx modules, the MFL has the following standard components and functions:

    • Fiber I/O per Tx/Rx module (up to 4)

    • Front panel control surface with OLED display • Ethernet - for network control and monitoring via Wisycom Manager Software

    • Failsafe switch functionality – for redundant backup

    • Realtime clock (with onboard RAM recording of system use and performance)

    • AC Power – 110/230V Additional Modules Further functionality with can be obtained with factory-installed modules including: External DC Options

    • DC – XLR4M connector (10-28Vdc supply)**

    • N48 – Neutrik Optical Duo connector for Fiber and DC supply (15-48Vdc)

    • V48 – XLR4M connector (15-48Vdc) Multiplexer Options (MUX)

    • OMX – Mux 4:1 or Demux- 4 channels + AUX (camera or data*) over a single fiber.**

    • OMS – Mux 6:1 or Demux- 4 channels + AUX* + Bi-directional data* over a single fiber. Splitter Options - Duplicate signal to 2, 3 or 4 zones (optical)

    • SPL1:2 – 2 zones

    • SPL1:3 – 3 zones

    • SPL1:4 – 4 zones Filter Options - all filters have 40 MHz Tunable Bandpass Filter (410-730MHz)

    • F41 - Selectable HPF (410/470/510MHz) and LPF (600/700/810MHz), Fixed (940-960MHz)

    • F42 - Selectable HPF (470/520/550MHz) and LPF (617/662/698MHz), Fixed (940-960MHz)**

    Dimensions and weight Dimensions 19”/1U, 430x44x370mm (Width x Height x Depth) Weight 4,5 kg

    Optical RX module (option MFL-RX module ORB001) Input optical power range 5dBmto5dBm Wavelengths 1490 to 1610 nm

    Optical TX module (option MFL-TX module OTB001) Optical power 3dBm (6dBm optional) Wavelengths 1511 or 1531 or 1551 or 1571 nm Laser low noise, low distortion DFB laser

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