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Black Magic Audio to SDI 4K

Black Magic Audio to SDI 4K

Mini Converter Audio to SDI 4K includes everything you need to embed 4 channels of analogue audio or 8 channels of AES/EBU digital audio into any SDI video connection. Now you can embed professional audio from devices such as audio mixers and analogue decks into SDI video connections for use with SDI routers and decks or to add extra audio channels to video converters.

Mini Converters include the latest 6G-SDI technology, plus automatically detect the input video format and instantly change between virtually all SD, HD and Ultra HD video standards. Simply plug in and Mini Converters will convert between your equipment all automatically.

You get advanced features such as redundant SDI inputs, re-clocked loop outputs and full analog and AES/EBU audio inputs and outputs so you can convert between formats as well as embed or de-embed audio all on the one converter. Choose from a range of 13 models depending on the conversion you need.

      • Extracts four analogue audio channels or eight digital AES/EBU channels from any SDI signal
      • Allows access to the embedded audio of any SDI video source and can thus be routed to audio devices such as sound mixers, analogue VTRs, audio monitors and more
      • SDI video inputs: 1x SD, HD or 6G SDI input / 1 ALT SDI input, which is automatically switched to in case of main input failure
      • SDI video outputs: 1 loop-through SDI video output
      • Analogue audio outputs: 4 channels of balanced analogue audio via regular 6.35" TRS jacks
      • Digital audio inputs: 8 channels of balanced digital audio via standard 6.35" TRS jacks
      • Multirate support: automatic detection of SD, HD and 6G-SDI
      • Updates and configuration: USB
      • With reclocking
      • SDI video sampling frequency: 4:2:2 / 4:4:4
      • SDI audio sampling frequency: Standard television sampling rate of 48 kHz and 24 bit
      • SDI colour accuracy: 4:2:2, 4:4:4
      • SDI colour space: YUV, RGB
      • Power consumption: 5.52 W
      • Operating voltage range: 12 - 31 V DC
      • Dimensions: 92.3 x 23 x 115 mm
      • Weight: 216 g
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