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Behringer X32 Rack Mount

Behringer X32 Rack Mount

Versatile. Powerful. Intuitive. The Behringer X32 RACK Digital Mixing Console is designed to give you studio quality mixing capabilities. The console's hybrid design provides you with the very best of analog inputs and outputs with powerful digital connectivity. Feel empowered by its 40 channels, 25 busses and 152 signal sources. All of which can be controlled and monitored via the intuitive 800 x 400 graphic user interface.


Expand your system. The X32 is compatible with up to six s16 digital stage boxes, providing you with excellent I/O connectivity and flexible routing. The rack digital mixer also features 16 superb microphone preamps and dual AE550 ports. The X32 mixing console is incredibly well suited for an array of different scenarios ranging from the simple to the highly complex thanks to onboard scene management.

  • Key Features

    • Rack-mountable mixing console with 40-input channels & 25-bus
    • 16 fully programmable mic preamps deliver superior sound quality
    • High-resolution interface Makes monitoring settings easy
    • Powerful scene management handles complex productions
    • Integrated expansion port for use with audio interface card
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