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Behringer X32 Compact

Behringer X32 Compact

The X32 Compact is the smaller brother of the Flagship X32 from Behringer. Now available in a number of different formats, the X32 offers a surprising amount of features, excellent performance and decent build quality for its price point.

The X32 Compact offers much of the same functionality as the regular X32, and still offers up to 40 inputs, wireless mixing capabilities and a full audio interface for multitrack recording for studio and live use. This version of the desk however saves on both space and budget with 17 flying faders, and 16 MIDAS-designed preamps so that you can make fantastic mixes in a smaller footprint.

Despite the advanced digital functionality, the X32 is designed to be simple to use so that you can quickly get to those advanced features without getting lost or side-tracked along the way. The high-resolution 7" colour TFT screen gives you all the information you need, including workflow components, parameters and metering to help you make smart mixing decisions on the fly.

Each fader strip features digital LCD scribble strips that change and update to give you all the right information as you switch channel banks. 

  • Digital Mixer

    • 16 XLR Mic/ line Inputs
    • 8 Stereo FX Returns
    • 16 Mix buses
    • 6 Matrix buses with insert
    • 6 Mute groups
    • 8 DCA groups
    • 8 XLR Outputs
    • 6 AUX In: 6.3 mm Jack (optionally 2 via RCA)
    • 6 AUX Out: 6.3 mm Jack (optionally 2 via RCA)
    • AES/EBU Stereo digital output
    • 2 Headphone outputs: 6.3 mm Jack
    • Stereo monitor/ control room output with dim function
    • 32 In/ 32 out USB audio interface
    • 100 mm Motor fader
    • 7" TFT colour display
    • LCD Display per channel
    • 4-Band full-parametric EQ per channel
    • Adjustable delays in all channels
    • Virtual effect rack with 8 FX slots
    • Built-in stereo USB recorder
    • Remote control via ethernet
    • Compatible with the Behringer P-16 personal monitoring system
    • Full MIDI implementation
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 21.3 x 63.1 x 51.2 cm
    • Weight: 15.5 kg
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